what is

The Eva Klabin’s House-Museum Education Program was established in April 2014, since then promoting meetings, research practices, reflection and dialogue about culture, art and education. 

Through a work methodology that values individual perspectives in an intellectual exercise that involves the Eva Klabin’s House-Museum, its history, its collection and the livingness of the visitors, the program aims to promote different and meaningful experiences. 

Another aspect of the propositions undertaken by the Education Program is to establish partnerships with institutions and professionals for cooperation in the production and dissemination of knowledge.

mediated visit

The Mediated Visit is carried out based on the interests of the visitors. Through a visit-talk, participants have the opportunity to establish relationships between their personal experiences and the Eva Klabin’s House-Museum. In this proposal, each visitor takes an active position in the enjoyment process, having autonomy to reflect and freedom to express their impressions and criticisms.

pedagogical / technical visit

The Pedagogical/Technical Visit is an approach offered to representatives of groups that will visit the house-museum. The reception, which precedes the scheduled group visit, enables the rapprochement between the Eva Klabin’s House-Museum Education Program team and professionals from educational and cultural institutions, encouraging collaborative work, so that the planning of actions to be carried out takes place.

art workshops

The Art Workshops are proposals for activities offered to scheduled groups and the “spontaneous public” that frequent the Eva Klabin’s House-Museum, and can be analyzed both as independent actions and as complements to the mediated visit.

The workshops are planned based on themes present in the permanent collection of the Eva Klabin’s Collection and themes relating to temporary art exhibitions.

group visits

Schools, Universities, ONGS, tourism groups, among other institutions.

NOTE: All the visits are free of charge.

Possible days and times for visiting:

Wednesday to Friday, 10 am until  12 pm or/and  1pm until 5pm.Saturday and Sunday, 1pm until 5pm.

how to schedule

Contact the Education Program team through the following contacts:
TELEPHONE:(21) 3202-8550 ext. 23
Email: educacao@evaklabin.org.br

*Tuesday to Friday, 9am until 6pm; Saturday, Sunday and Holidays, 1pm until 6pm.