The Eva Klabin Foundation is grounded on the desire of this collector to bequeath to the City of Rio de Janeiro the priceless heritage gathered together during her long life. This Foundation was established in 1990, just one year before the death of the collector who was the driving force behind its inspiration.  Set up to create and maintain a museum, while also organizing cultural, artistic, historical and scientific activities, it is now housed in the museum-home where Eva Klabin herself lived for more than thirty years.

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The Eva Klabin Foundation owns one of the most important classical art collections in Brazilian museums, with over 1,000 items catalogued, drawn from four Continents – Europe, Asia, Africa and America and covering a time-frame stretching back almost fifty centuries. This Collection is on permanent display at its headquarters, featuring paintings, sculptures, furniture, oriental carpets, silverware and decorative objets d’art.

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Experience a virtual tour of Eva Klabin’s house and get to know her impressive collection with more than 2000 pieces of art.

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During her lifetime, Eva Klabin decided to name the rooms of the house where her collection was displayed. Each of them still bears her hallmark and remains just way it was left by this collector, as she wished.

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The Eva Klabin’s House-Museum Education Program was established in April 2014, since then promoting meetings, research practices, reflection and dialogue about culture, art and education. 

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