Guided Visits

The idea behind our Guided Visits is that anyone who visits the house museum is invited to take part effectively in choosing their own route through the exhibition space. The main aim of this proposition is to make our visitors actively involved in the process so they become co-authors of the mediation dynamic, which is designed to draw on the visitor’s own interests to foster experiences, reflections, and dialogues that have an impact on the creation of knowledge that is open to new possibilities. The aim of our Guided Visits is to set up new relationships between visitors and the Eva Klabin House Museum and its collection, giving each individual the opportunity to perceive the infinite potentialities of the museum space and everything in its collection.

Group visits should be scheduled in advance. Click here for further information and schedule your visit.

Visits for Educators/Collaborative Planning

Our Visits for Educators provide a forum for interchange between professionals working in formal and informal education settings and the Eva Klabin Foundation education team, fostering a collaborative environment for planning the activities to be covered in group visits to the house museum.
Visits for educators give educators advance knowledge of the exhibition spaces and collection at the Eva Klabin House Museum, helping them identify different objects, prepare information, consider the potentialities of the different rooms and artworks, and reflect on the best ways to structure the educational experience for their students.
The Collaborative Planning process was devised as a key mechanism for forging closer relationships, dialogue, and reflections between the Eva Klabin education team and the professionals responsible for groups scheduled to visit the house museum, to help organize their visits. The activities that result from collaborative planning better fit the goals and needs of all those involved, taking into account the age group of the students and/or other participants, their interests, the subjects they are addressing in their educational/cultural settings, and tying them in with the different potentialities offered by the house museum’s spaces and collection.

The main goal of collaborative planning is to foster encounters between our education professionals and professionals from partner institutions to devise tailor-made activity plans that fit the specific profile of each group – including the consideration of the impact the experiences will have on their own educational/cultural institution, with a view to setting up long-term partnerships.

Art Workshops

Art Workshops are offered as an option for scheduled groups and off-the-street visitors to the house museum. The workshops can operate as free-standing activities or can complement a guided visit. They are devised around subjects pertaining to the permanent collection at the Eva Klabin House Museum and the concepts and artworks presented in the different editions of the Breathing Project. The activities can encompass multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary proposals, making them art/education proposals that contribute to personal development. For the off-the-street public, a different workshop is put on every month at 3pm on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays. During school vacations, art workshops are held every day (Tuesday to Sunday), also at 3pm. Scheduled group visits can take advantage of the monthly workshops, but can also engage in activities devised and developed especially for them in collaboration with their group leader(s), taking into consideration the participants’ age group, their interests and goals, the subjects they have already studied, and specific features of the house museum itself and its collection.

Find out about this month’s art workshop at Schedule.

Outreach Activities

The idea of holding Outreach Activities came about as a way of promoting the house museum by creating singular working practices, breaking down the barriers between the museum space and formal and informal educational establishments, forging and developing new educational partnerships. Our outreach projects involve a variety of activities at the premises of our future partner institutions and those institutions that already have a working relationship with our education program. On their visits to our partner schools, NGOs, cultural centers, etc., our education professionals hold art workshops, give talks about artistic languages and art education, give seminars about different periods in the history of art related to works from the collection, and other activities. The goals of this initiative include building educational partnerships, boosting visitor numbers, experimenting in new educational practices (in the understanding that after having experienced an outreach activity, the institutions will be keen to visit the Eva Klabin House Museum and take part in our offer of activities), contribute to the educational process and the development of the participants, and broaden the potential scope of work in the museum space and its collection.


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