research projects

Technical and Scientific Study of the Permanent Collection of Ancient Art.

Supported by the Vitae Foundation with the participation of researchers from the University of São Paulo; included the establishment of a digitized image database of the items in the permanent collection owned by the Eva Klabin Foundation.

Tanagras Collection – Professor Dr. Elaine Hirata.Greek Vase Collection – Professor Dr.   Haiganuch Sarian.Greek and Roman Coin Collection – Professor, Dr. Maria Beatriz Borba Florenzano.Roman Glass, Greco-Roman and Etruscan Bronzes and Terracotta Lamps Collection – Professor Dr. Maria Isabel D’Agostino Fleming.

Portraiture at the Eva Klabin Foundation (1998 – 2000): through an agreement with the Specialized Course in the History of Art and Architecture at the Pontifical Catholic University in Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio) coordinated by Professor Anna Maria Monteiro de Carvalho.

Coordination Assistants: Heloisa Fernandes Carvalho, Ruth Levy and Simone Bessa.

Researchers: Ana Laura Fonseca, Ana Lúcia Neiva Pessôa, Camille Braz, Elizabeth Barcála Rodrigues, Francisco Pontes de Miranda Ferreira, Sérgio Moraes Rego Fagerlande, Stela Maura Maia Marques and Teresa Cristina Arnold.

Egyptian Collection of the Eva Klabin Rapaport Foundation (1998 – 2000): headed up by Professor, Dr. Antonio Brancaglion Júnior, an Egyptologist with the University of São Paulo, which gave rise to the publication entitled Time, Material and Permanence: Egypt in the Eva Klabin Rapaport Collection in 2001.

Personal Archives of Eva Klabin: undertaken by historian Paulo Sá, this project included the organization of the document collection of the patron of the institution, arranging documents and taking depositions from friends and relatives.