6ª Edition | june 07 – august 26 2007

Every passage has to do with some type of journey from one place to another. What passage is Brígida Baltar referring to by calling her intervention a Secret Passage? The artist’s work is about a journey between her and herself.

This is what lies behind Baltar’s interest in experiencing the “deconstruction” of matter – what I prefer to call the “dematerialization” of the exterior – by excavating the walls of her house and turning its bricks into dust: to find through this process the substance of her spirit.

Faced with the certainties of an organized world that Fundação Eva Klabin brings from the reality of a different time of art, Baltar chose the Entrance Hall for her intervention so that visitors could join her as soon as they entered the house, taking a journey between her world of indiscernibility and Eva Klabin’s world of stability. Secret Passage is an invitation for us to journey between the art of classical representation from the Eva Klabin collection and the world that Brígida Baltar erects around her, which speaks of the uncertainty of subjectivity. She paints hybrid pictures using the dust of the bricks from her own home, which emerge from the paintings to invade the house museum’s walls. The threshold between these things is subtly broken down, creating zones of indiscernibility, which become the ground from which the artist builds her visual thinking.

Brígida Baltar’s intervention breaks the cycle of causality from classical representation, which produces discernment, to introduce hybrid zones that confound the eye.