5th Edition | september 29 – december 03 2006


The universe created by Eva Klabin in the house-museum which bears her name, and hereafter dinamized by the Projeto Respiração (Breathing Project), requires from the artist that he/she feels both the residence and the collection as elements of his/her work. It is not enough to insert one more work among hundreds of works of art pertaining to the collection. The artist must extract poetry and metaphors from such situation.

The sound in the work by Paulo Vivacqua is not a sound track for Eva Klabin?s house-museum. By punctuating the house with sound, he is creating a guide for the look and at the same time he is inviting us to penetrate in the depth of the space. Rather than illustrating, he is threading a narrative which should be filled by our imagination and sensibility. His interference is subtle and has the same density of the purpose of Eva Klabin?s last act in life: to turn her existence into a museum. The invitation to both of them is clear: come in and share my personal universe; come in and create your own narratives. That?s the reason why the name is VISIT.

Paulo Vivacqua?s work, as we do ourselves, visits the collection and behaves as such. It respects the spaces and the founder?s expositive logic, suggesting deviations, punctuations and comments. The artist uses his work as a conducting thread of whispers which guides us in the depth of this residence space. Its sounds and silences work as revelations of secrets, allowing us to see the collection clearer. Through the sound, in which the art is more ethereal, we are able to realize the meaning of plastic arts as structures for the anchoring of senses in matter. The threads, the loudspeakers, the glass plates and the monitors used by the artist have the purpose of remembering such dimension. Paulo Vivacqua creates senses almost without interfering with the structure of the collection or of the house. He only indicates that, as his sounds, we may get involved with the ambiance created by Eva Klabin as a way to see the objects gathered by her for 70 years better.

Marcio Doctors